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Boilermaker Blues (Mitchell/Grey)
Back on the Road Again (Mitchell)
Plain Dealing (Clements)
Fast Lane Driver (Clements)
Turning Into Winter (Mitchell)
Why Can't I Be Satisfied (Clements)
Song Without a Band (Cowe)
Rosalee (Cowe)
Promised Land (Mitchell)
A Corny Pastiche (Medley) (Trad Arr.)
The Black Cock of Whickham - Chief O'Neill's Favourite
The Golden Rivet - Staten Island - The Cook in the Kitchen
Lying on the Water (MItchell/Grey)

- CD Reissue Bonus Tracks -
One More Dance (Clements)
Make Me Happy (Mitchell/Grey)

Simon Cowe - Guitar, Vocals
Ray Laidlaw - Drums
Rod Clements - Bass, Vocals, Violin
Billy Mitchell - Guitar, Vocals

- Guests -
Maddy Prior - Vocals on 'Song Without a Band'
Tommy Eyre - Keyboards
Jimmy Wrightson - Concertina

Produced by Hugh Murphy
Engineered by Phil Chapman
Assisted by Jon, Nigel & Andy