The Third Millenium

Oh, as I was in the garden
I was planting out me beans
The sky betook an awful shade
The queerest what Iíd seen
So I asked me next-door neighbour
"Am I going off me head?"
He says, "Oh no, itís just the same
Like Nostradamus said"

Well the year was ninety-nine
And we had watched the systems fail
Extinction of the species
And the hunting of the whale
Oh the wise men and the prophets
They had talked of turning back
But sad to say, too late
As all the crust began to crack

Wake up, you lazy bum
For if you donít slow down
Youíll never get to see
The third Millenium

Oh the farmer and his wife
Have tried to save the human race
But the butcher is a murderer
With no redeeming grace
When the revolution came
It was a party to the fall
We left the land to reap the gold
And rape the earth of all

Oh me heart is full of sorrow
As I cast me eyes about
The people are so weary
Where they used to sing and shout
Well, itís really not surprising
That disease is still so rife
Their aching limbs atrophy
While they lead an easy life

Well this song was writ in heaven
As is plain enough to see
Me mates have gone the other way
They wonít be joining me
With their pockets full of money
They could not get through the door
I had taken out insurance
In the form of being poor