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Eight Ton Crazy (Fairweather-Low)
Amsterdam (Mitchell)
Steamboat Whistle Blues (Hartford)
Walter's Drop (Trad Arr.)
We'll Give You the Roll (Mitchell)
Trinidad (Mitchell)
You, You, You (Mitchell)
Let it be Me (Mitchell)
The Tender (Trad Arr.)
Take Some Time (Mitchell)

Walter Fairbairn - Guitar, Vocals
Ray Laidlaw - Drums
Phil Murray - Bass, Vocals
Billy Mitchell - Guitar, Vocals

- Guests -
Andy Bown - Keyboards
Ray Jackson - Harmonica
Chris Mercer, Steve Gregory, Bud Beadle - Horns
The Howdon on Tyne Illegal Immigrants Club - Steel Drums

Produced by Tom Allom
Engineered by Bill Price, Dave Bellotti & Gary Edwards

Recorded at Wessex Studios - Summer 1976