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Rocking Chair (Mitchell)
Smokers Coughin' (Cowe)
Captain Grant (Trad Arr.)
My Friend the Drink (Mitchell)
A Letter From France (Mitchell)
Gentleman Soldier (Trad Arr.)
Gardener of Eden (Cowe)
One for the Boy (Mitchell)
The Beachcomber (Cowe)
The Ballad of Winston o'Flaherty (Trad Arr.)
Lackie Lusive (Cowe)

- CD Reissue Bonus Tracks -
Draught Genius
Baby Let Me Take You Home (Russell/Farrell)

Walter Fairburn - Guitar, Vocals
Ray Laidlaw - Drums
Phil Murray - Bass, Vocals
Billy Mitchell - Guitar, Vocals
Si Cowe - Guitar, Vocals

- Guests -
John Kirkpatrick - Accordion
Ray Jackson - Harmonica

Produced by Simon Nichol